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Does your carb cap keep breaking? Unlike traditional glass or quartz carb caps, these will never break if you drop it! They work just as good as a traditional carb caps but without the risk of breakage! Silicone Carb caps are a great addition to any dabbing set up. Perfect for bangers, this carb cap allows for a dynamite dab every time. Available in four colourways.

What is a Carb Cap?

A “carb” is short for carburetor, and like the one you would find in a car, it helps control airflow and pressure within a space. Carb caps for dab rigs are a pivotal dabbing accessory that effectively operate in the same manner, even sharing the nickname. Acting as a lid to trap heat and vapor within your nail, the cap helps enhance your dabbing experience for a fuller concentrate flavor profile — but how? In this article we’ll take a closer look at carb caps (What are they? How do they work?) and help you decide if you should invest in one. (We think so!)

How do Carb Caps work?

As mentioned above, a carb cap is a lid used to regulate airflow and pressure by preventing heat from escaping the surface. Made of heat-resistant materials, the caps are meant to fit over domeless nails and bangers to essentially create a chamber for vaporizing concentrates. A small hole placed in the top of the carb cap allows you to inhale with ease and creates a suction that changes the way your concentrate vaporizes.

This suction lowers the air pressure inside the banger or nail and in turn lowers the boiling point of the concentrate within it, allowing you to dab at lower temperatures. But why would you want to dab at a lower temperature?

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